# Wiki 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇦🇺 LSSM Stable 3.3.7

# About the LSSM

LSS MANAGER V3 (LSSM) is an extension for missionchief.com(opens new window) , missionchief.co.uk(opens new window) and missionchief-australia.com(opens new window) .

LSSM is an extension which allows you to install different plugins to your game. All functions from LSSM are modular, so you can decide which to activate.

Plugins which are not activated will not be loaded, increasing performance.


The policeversions of police.missionchief.com(opens new window) and police.missionchief.co.uk(opens new window) are currently not supported by us.

# End of Life

As LSS-Manager V4 is about to be released, LSS-Manager V3 is now in the End of Life. This means that there will be no more new features for LSS-Manager V3. Urgent bug fixes will however still be implemented.

# Installation 📥

By using LSSM you agree that we collect metadata. You can find more information about what we collect here.

We will soon provide a Table with compatible Browser in our FAQ

Use the LSSM on mobile devices

Officially we do not support a mobile version. The mobile Firefox supports using addons but we do not guarantee full functionality.

Official support for mobile browsers is currently not planned.

# First Step: Install Tampermonkey

If you don't have Tampermonkey installed in your browser yet, you have to do so. Here are installation links for the most common browsers:

Browser Link
Chrome Download(opens new window)
Firefox Download(opens new window)
Safari Download(opens new window)
Opera Download(opens new window)

For other Browsers you can download Tampermonkey from tampermonkey.net(opens new window)


Please be aware that we don't officially support older browser as well as mobile browsers and Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer). Support for these browsers is neither guaranteed nor probable.

# Second Step: Install Userscript

After installing Tampermonkey to your browser, click here(opens new window) .

# Third Step: Activate

Following is the indicator for LSS-Manager while it is active: LSSM-Indikator If you are in Missionchief but do not see this indicator in the upper right corner, click on the Tampermonkey icon in your browser and check if the switch for LSS-Manager Script is "on".

If you encounter problems you can contact support.