Extended alarm window

This module has settings! Feel free to customize it to your liking.


Generation Time

This shows the time that the mission was generated next to the address. You can also set it to have a yellow border if the mission is older than a configurable number of hours, and a red frame if the mission expires the following night.

Time Generated

Required Vehicle Table

This displays the required vehicles in a table, rather than the normal list format. This table includes how many is needed, how many are selected and how many are enroute.

Vehicles Table

Patient Summary

This shows a brief overview of patients, this shows if someone needs HEMS, Ambulance, or Critical Care.

Patients Summary

Reset Selection

This adds a button to clear the selected vehicles, this will also reset the ARR counters if enabled.

Reset Selection

Longest Arrival Time

This adds the time for the furthest away vehicle to arrive to the mission in the dispatch button.

Longest Arrival Time

Always Show Header

This looks the header so that it will always be visible when you scroll down the mission.

Load Vehicles Button In Header

This adds a button to load additional vehicles in the header.

Limited Display

Hide Vehicle List

This adds a button to hide/show the vehicle list.

Hide Vehicle List

Centre Map To Mission

This adds a button the left of the mission name to centre the map on the mission.

Centre Map

Alarm and Response Regulations (ARR)

ARR Counters

This counts the amount of times you've clicked on a specific ARR for this mission. There is an additional setting to display this in a red circle on the ARR.

Mark Clicked ARR

This will add a border around the ARR. The colour and the thickness of the frame is customisable.

Unsuitable ARRs

This will place a grey filter on ARRs that do not match the name of the mission.

Hover on ARR

This will pop up information about that ARR:

  • What vehicles will be dispatched
  • How many of each vehicle
  • The longest response time
  • How many times you're able to use this ARR

Hover on ARR

Vehicle Categories

This allows you to create your own vehicle categories that will show in the vehicle list section of the dispatch screen. Vehicles can be placed in multiple categories at once, the ALL and Follow Up categories cannot be deleted, but the other categories can be deleted or modified.

Vehicle Categories

Mission Keywords

This allows you to place a keyword before or after the name of the mission in the dispatch screen. You can use the same keyword for different missions, as well as customise the text and background colour.

Mission Keywords

Dispatch Icons

This will add an icon before the dispatch button if you have that type of vehicle selected. You can customise which vehicles give which icon, you're able to choose a range of (free) icons from FontAwesome.

Dispatch Icons