Report bugs


Here is a small guideline on how to create error messages optimally.

Before you report an error, it might be helpful to have a look here in the wiki to see if this is a desired function or if it is already known. In the latter case there might even be a possible solution.


If you want to report a bug, always describe it as accurately as possible. The more detailed your error message is, the faster we can help you.


Please note that we do not officially support older browsers, mobile browsers and Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. Support for these browsers is therefore neither guaranteed nor likely.

1. Formulate problem

First describe the error. Provide any information that could be important. Also explain what you were doing when the error occurred.

2. Specify user data

Please provide us with your username or userId. It is also useful to indicate the activated modules. Please also indicate the version of LSSM. You can find it by clicking on LSSM V.4 in the top right corner of the game's main page, right in the first line.

3. Report problem

Now you can send us your formulated problem with user data. To do this, open an issue on GitHubopen in new window. Please check if an issue for this bug already exists and then follow it up.