What does LSS Manager cost?

LSS-Manager is a free offer - we do not intend to change this.

Would you still like to support us financially? Then you are welcome to send us a donation via OpenCollectiveopen in new window. We are happy about any support!


All donations will only be used to cover our running costs. We have no intention of making a profit and will not distribute any profits.

Donations have no direct influence on the development of the LSSM! We will not invest more or less time and there will be no direct benefits for individual users such as premium features. The development of the LSSM will remain on a voluntary basis in our spare time and the use will remain completely free for all users!

Of course, we are happy about any donation, but we would still like to point out that we would like to keep the project running as before even without the donations.

How can I contribute to LSS Manager?

The "normal" user can report bugs or make suggestions.

We are currently designing a style guide for developers, so that they too can easily add their own plugins to LSSM. We also tried to keep our code structure clear and understandable. However, adding a plugin does not in any way imply joining the team.

How do I report bugs?

Please have a look at our report bugs page.

Where can I get help?

Through our support. You can find more information here.

How can I submit ideas?

On the suggestions page we have put together some information about it.

In which browsers does LSS Manager work?

Only desktop browsers are listed here, as mobile browsers are not officially supported.

Since we want to keep the latest coding standards throughout, a modern and up-to-date browser is necessary and recommended - if only for security reasons, even outside the game.

Browserminimum VersionDownload

Internet Explorer and Safari

These two browsers can be described as the "problem children" of a modern web developer. There are some functions that do not work in them, or require additional code.

We don't see the point of doing this everywhere and officially do not support these two browsers.

I want to share my setup with friends or use it on multiple devices. Is that possible?

Currently it is not possible, but we are working on it.

Is there a way to save settings account bound so that you don't have to import them on another device?

Currently we do not offer this, but an implementation of this feature is planned.

Where can I see if the LSSM servers are online?

Best here: https://status.lss-manager.de/open in new window

Or in the #uptime open in new window on our Discord Server