Support 👨‍💻


A little aid, which should help you to create a support request.


If you need assistance, describe your problem as precisely as possible. The better and more detailed you describe your problem, the faster and better we can help you.


Please note that we do not officially support older browsers, mobile browsers and Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. Support for these browsers is therefore neither guaranteed nor likely.

1. Formulate problem

First describe your problem. Include any information that could be important. Also explain what you have already tried.

2. Specify user data

Please provide us your username or userId. It is also useful to name the activated modules.

3. Report problem

Now you can send us your formulated problem with user data. Use one of the options listed below.

via Discord

On our Discord Server you can get support in the channel #lssm-help open in new window.

on GitHub

You may also open an issue on GitHubopen in new window. Please check here if an issue for this problem already exists and then follow it up.

Planned: Support directly in the game

In order to be able to give you support even faster and easier, we would like to integrate our own support chat. Once it is available, you can reach it via the LSSM menu in the game. We will do our best to help you as good and fast as possible, but again: The more detailed you describe your problem from the beginning, the better we can help you!

As soon as it is so far we will of course inform you about it in the release notes 😉