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#175 opened 4 years ago by jxn-30bugV3

Describe what happens
Having V3 enabled with module WoP and / or clock, these are above v4 modals (see screenshots + Forum Beta Conversation (private))

How to reproduce?
Explain here what you did when the error occured
for example:

  1. enable V.3
  2. enable modules WoP and clock in V.3
  3. enable V.4
  4. open Appstore, Dashboard or settings in V.4

Expected behavior
V.4 modals above those things


Further notes: (please complete)

  • OS: any
  • Browser: any
  • LSSM-Version: 4.0.6 and 3.3.7
  • for Smartphones / Tablets: your device: any
  • which of the games are you playing: any
  • your ingame name: any

We need to check what we break when setting a general z-index for V.4 modals.
Otherwise need changes in V.3?