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#2975 opened 14 days ago by mrxxixbug
What happened? is the new Portuguese server domain. Had to manually change, and some other features are buggy or out of place, or simply don't work.

How to reproduce?

Both of the domains are available and it's the same server.

Expected behavior

What would be expected is the new domain to be added so it can launch with it.

  • LSSM-Version: 4.7.12+20240321.2220 [stable]
  • Game-Version:

No response

#175 opened 3 years ago by jxn-30bugV3

Describe what happens
Having V3 enabled with module WoP and / or clock, these are above v4 modals (see screenshots + Forum Beta Conversation (private))

How to reproduce?
Explain here what you did when the error occured
for example:

  1. enable V.3
  2. enable modules WoP and clock in V.3
  3. enable V.4
  4. open Appstore, Dashboard or settings in V.4

Expected behavior
V.4 modals above those things


Further notes: (please complete)

  • OS: any
  • Browser: any
  • LSSM-Version: 4.0.6 and 3.3.7
  • for Smartphones / Tablets: your device: any
  • which of the games are you playing: any
  • your ingame name: any

We need to check what we break when setting a general z-index for V.4 modals.
Otherwise need changes in V.3?