Credit summary

Summarises the daily overview in categories so you can get a quick overview of what you got money for.

This module has settings! Feel free to customize it to your liking.

This module replaces the Total for the daily summary in V3, which showed in your daily summaryopen in new window how much you earned for each category (for example transporting patients).

This module has been spiced up a bit for V4.

There are the "badges" displayed by default (these can be turned off in settings): badges

If you click on the little i, then you will be shown a sortable table: table

This module uses the following categories:

  • Alliance missions
    • All missions that start with [Alliance]
  • Own missions
    • All own missions
      • Unfortunately, we're unable to recognise large-scale alliance missions that you've created yourself
  • Vehicles bough
  • Daily login bonus
  • Buildings build / demolished
    • Buildings built
    • Buildings demolished
    • Refund building
      • If you demolish a building within 24h of construction, you get your money back
  • Building expanded
    • Level increased
    • Expansion from small to large building
    • Expansion from small to large building canelled
    • Expansion started
    • Expansion cancelled
  • Complete Task
  • Patient
    • Patient treatment
    • Patient treatment and transport
    • Patient treatment and transport with critical care
    • Patient treatment and transport with HEMS
  • Hospital
    • When an alliance member admits a patient to your hospital
  • Prisoners
    • When you transport prisoners
  • Police - Alliance Delivery
    • When a member of the alliance has brought a prisoner to one of your police stations
  • Course
    • Training your own personel
    • Training alliance personel
  • Building complexes
    • Building attached to a building complex
    • Building expanded into a building complex
  • False alarm
  • if a mission triggered by a fire alarm turns out to be a false alarm