Alarm, Share the mission and post an incident note with a single click.

This module has settings! Feel free to customize it to your liking.

Many users love to share missions with their alliance and also post an incident note for informing alliance members.

This module allows you to alarm, share and post with a single click! You can set templates for incident notes in settings, therefore we do support some variables:



{{credits}} is replaced by the average credits, the mission rewards.


{{address}} is replaced by the complete missions address.

You can use {{city}} to insert postcode and city name only.

To also omit postcode/zipcode, simply use {{cityWithoutZip}}.


{{remaining}} is replaced by the vehicles that are still required for this mission. It mirrors exactly the text in the red "Needed vehicles" box.

Only available in mission window is {{remainingSpecial}}, which takes the driving and selected vehicles in account. In the missions list, the text of the red box is used without any adjustments.


{{patients}} is replaced by the amount of patients currently at the mission.

Start of a planned mission

{{beginAt}} is replaced by the time, a planned mission will start at.

Name of a mission

{{name}} is replaced by the name of a mission.

Longest drive

{{longestDrive}} is replaced by how long it takes till all selected vehicles are at scene. Important: This Variable is of course not available when sharing in the mission list!


{{today}} is replaced by the current locale date (day and month).

Similarly, {{tomorrow}} outputs tomorrow's date (day and month).


You can also set time distances to now. The system is a bit complicated, so read carefully:

{{now+5}} adds exactly 5 hours to now, {{now+5.5}} adds 5 hours and 30 minutes. You may use any number to add.

Also, you can choose to round up or down. To round up to each quarter-hour, just append a r15, to round down, just append r-15. You can use any number between 0 and 59.

Example: If you want to do "in 7 hours and 22.5 minutes, but round down to a minute divisible by 3", just use {{now+7.266r-3}}.

If you don't understand the system or need help, you may always reach out our Support.