Control the game with hotkeys on the keyboard, which you can set yourself.

This module has settings! Feel free to customize it to your liking.

In this game, certain actions are repeated over and over again. By using this module, you can perform these actions with simple key presses, meaning you don't have to use the mouse.

Default Combinations

All browsers already have built-in hotkeys for their own functions. (e.g. CTRL+S to save a page or CTRL+O open a file). We currently do NOT overwrite these standard hotkeys ! So if you set an LSSM functionality CTRL+O, the "Open file" dialog of your browser will also open.


You can set hotkeys to individual keys (eg. U), to combinations of keys (eg. CTRL+U), or keys in a row (eg. U D). Upper/Lower case is not accounted for.

To set a hotkey, go into the settings for hotkeys, and press the + icon.

There you select an action, and the hotkey for that action.


View Hotkeys

By pressing the F1 key at any time, you can see your hotkeys.

View Hotkeys

Available Actions

The actions that are currently available are listed below, feel free to suggest more on Discordopen in new window, Forumopen in new window, or in Github Issue #15open in new window.


These are available throughout the game, and will be opened in a pop-up, as to not disturb you.


  • Open log
  • Open summary
  • Open overview


  • Open your profile
  • Open awards
  • Open rank
  • Open notes


  • Open applications
  • Open buildings
  • Open board
  • Open funds
  • Open log
  • Open member list
  • Open messages
  • Open member list (online only)
  • Open home page
  • Open education


  • Open list of tasks


  • Open dispatch centre logs

Main Window

These will only work when you can see the map.


  • Focus text box


  • Open/Close LSSM menu
    • Use โ†‘ and โ†“ to navigate to a button, and Enter to select it.


  • Focus on the location search

Mission List

  • Focus on the mission search

Mission Window

These only work in a call window.

Sorted Missions

These hotkeys are for the sorted missions setting of Extended Call List.

  • Send, and go to next mission
  • Send, share, and go to next mission
  • Next mission
  • Previous mission