Settings ⚙️

The settings of all modules are managed centrally in the settings. Only the settings of active modules can be changed.

Using the Export and Import buttons, you can save your settings to a file and/or share them with your friends. In the near future, we would like to offer the possibility to save settings profile-bound. This means that settings are then no longer bound to a device.


As soon as you exit the settings and have saved changes, the game will reload to easily apply all settings. If you have unsaved changes, you can't close the settings, you will get a small hint message.

Reset the settings

Caution: If you reset settings, they cannot be restored without previous export!


This section provides some information on how to configure the date-time configs, e.g. in the module clock.

We use Moment.jsopen in new window to offer a large selection of configuration. If you wish to see the original documentation you can find that hereopen in new window.


Try your own format here and see a live preview! See information on configuration below.


MonthM     ...       current month (Number)
MM     ...       current month (Number with leading zeros)
MMM     ...       current month (Name, short form)
MMMM     ...       current month (Name)
Mo     ...       current month (enumerated)
QuarterQ         current quarter
Qo         current quarter (enumerated)
Day of MonthD     Day of Month
DD     Day of Month (with leading zeros)
Do     Day of Month (enumerated)
Day of YearDDD       Day of Year
DDDD       Day of Year (with leading zeros)
DDDo       Day of Year (enumerated)
Day of Weekd     ...       Day of Week (Number [Sunday is 0])
dd     ...       Day of Week (Name, Short form)
ddd     ...       Day of Week (Name, Short form enumerated)
dddd     ...       Day of Week (Name)
do     ...       Day of Week (Number, enumerated [Sunday is 0])
Week of Yearw     ...       Week of Year
wo     ...       Week of Year (enumerated)
ww     ...       Week of Year (with leading zeros)
YearYY     ...       Year (2 numbers)
YYYY     ...       Year (4 numbers)
AM / PMa     am / pm
A     AM / PM
Hourh     Hour (12h)
H     Hour (24h)
hh     Hour (12h, with leading zeros)
HH     Hour (24h, with leading zeros)
Minutem     Minute
mm     Minute (with leading zeros)
Seconds     second
ss     second (with leading zeros)

Locale short forms

Date without leading zerosl
Date with leading zerosL
Date with month as a word (short form)ll
Date with month as a wordLL
Date with month as a word (short form) and timelll
Date with month as a word and timeLLL
Time with secondsLTS
Full date (short form) with timellll
Full date with timeLLLL

Normal Text

If you want to include other text with your clock such as hour, simply typing LTS hour will not work. That results in 11:13:27 AM 11our. In order to include text that shouldn't be formatted, surround it in []. LTS [Hour] or LTS [H]our will both result in 11:13:27 AM Hour being displayed.