Extended Missionlist

Extends missionlist by some cool Features!

This module has settings! Feel free to customize it to your liking.

This module aims to enhance the mission list, as it is very basic within the core game.

Remaining Mission Time

This setting shows you the exact time left until completion of the mission.

Remaining Mission Time

Remaining Time Only For Green Missions

If deactivated, this setting allows for you to allow the time to also show when the mission is in yellow status.

Remaining Time for Patients

Displays how much time left until patients are fully treated.

Mark Missions

You can press the star icon next to a mission name to make it appear at the top of the mission list. This can be done from either the mission list or in the dispatch screen.

Mark Missions

Show Average Credits

This will show the average earnings of that type of mission.

Extended Call List

Collapse Missions

Allows you to collapse missions so they take up less room in your mission list.

Collapse Missions

Share Missions

Allows you to share missions to your alliance directly from the mission list.

Share Missions

Mission Types

Select which types of missions this button should appear on.

Minmum Credits

Set an amount that missions must be worth more than, in order for the share button to show.

Button Colour

Set the colour of the share button.

Sort Missions

Sort the list by many factors.

  • Age
  • Credits
  • Current Patients
  • Alphabetically
  • Distance to Dispatch Centre
  • Distance to next Station

Sort Missions

Button Colour

Change the sort buttons colour.

Sorting in Mission Window

This adds the sorting in the mission window so that the next and previous buttons go through the sorted list.

Current Patients

Shows the current amount of patients in the mission list.


Hide 0 Patients

Doesn't show that there is 0 patients.

Current Patients in Tooltips

Show the current patient amount when hovering over a mission on the map.


Mark Seasonal Missions

Adds an emoji before seasonal missions names, alternatively you can customise this for any mission in the game.

Seasonal Missions